The best blackberries I’ve had in years

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I’m always on the hunt for amazing fruit. Every week I try a bunch of stuff from a local grocery store and every week I’m disappointed.

Well, this week the wife brought home some blackberries from Costco. She started talking about how good they were, so I tried one. It was jaw dropping sweet and the best I’ve had in years!

To confirm what my taste buds were already telling me, I busted out my handy refractometer. Refractometers measure total dissolved solids, which in fruit means the vitamin, mineral, and sugar content. The higher the number, the more nutrient dense it is (and typically the better it tastes). Each fruit has it’s own scale – so a 10 brix carrot would be amazing, yet a 10 brix blueberry would be not good.




Typically, what you get in the grocery story would be a 10 brix blackberry. It’s kind of watery, a little sour, and doesn’t leave anything to be desired. The blackberries from Costco registered a 17 brix!

They were so amazing that I went back today and bought a full case(flat) of them. If anyone in the Austin area wants amazing blackberries, you can get them for the next several days (I reckon, unless I buy them all 😉 at the North Austin Costco – Driscoll’s Organic ($5.50 for 12 oz).




For blueberries, what you generally find in the grocery story will be a 12 brix blueberry. If you can get a 16 brix one they are really good, and an 18-20 brix will be amazing.

Unfortunately, growing high brix fruit isn’t something you can wave a magic wand and they taste amazing. It takes years of building the soil to the proper nutrient levels. I’m excited about the coming years and growing some jaw dropping blueberries!


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