Our Farming Philosophy

Our Growing Philosophy

Our growing philosophy is simple: healthy plants, like healthy bodies, resist disease. This is why it is so important for us to work really hard on making sure our plants are happy and healthy.

So how do we get happy and healthy plants? Well, we do soil and leaf tests to see what’s going on in our soil and in our plants. Our soil test isn’t just any old soil test either. We use a special one that test tells us what is actually available for our plants to use. We also foliar spray minerals at the right time to give them an extra boost of nutrition.

A byproduct of producing happy and healthy plants is that we will be producing nutrient dense foods that taste amazing!

Good for Your Health

You don’t know what you don’t know. It sounds so cliche, but yet it is true.

For example, you probably didn’t know that the nutritional content of food has declined up to 40%; although your taste buds can certainly tell you this by eating grocery store produce.

At Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, we are dedicated to growing nutritionally dense food. We spend a lot of effort and energy working hard to grow the best food we can for you.

In time, I will prove to you how our growing methods are substantially better than you find in the grocery story, but for now your taste buds will be the judge.

Good for the Earth

At Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, we work from the ground up… or should we say the soil up?

We are dedicated to leaving our little patch of earth substantially improved from when we received it.

Some of the things we do that are good for the earth:

  • Put down compost tea to stimulate the soil biology and help with the food soil web.
  • Build the nutrient levels in the soil by applying both a wide spectrum of minerals and adequate amounts of the big NPK.
  • Limit Water consumption by:
    • Using drip irrigation and potentiometers to determine adequate soil moisture
    • Heavily mulching our plants
    • High tech irrigation monitoring devices so if something breaks, we know about it immediately.
  • Use reclaimed material when possible