Welcome to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Sweet Eats is a great place to have fun with your whole family. We have a lot of family friendly activities that all ages from 1 to 100 can enjoy.
Weather permitting, we’re open most weekends from 9am – 6pm. Come, pick fruit and only pay for what you pick, or stay and enjoy all the fun farm activities.
Admission to the activities section of the farm is $12/kids, $10/adults, and kids under 2 are free!

Things to Do
Things to Do

From pony rides & petting zoo, to lounging around in our hammocks listening to live music, there is plenty to keep you entertained for hours.

Plan Your Visit
Plan Your Visit

We are located just East of Georgetown on Highway 29. We’re open most weekends from 9am – 6pm.

Birthdays & Private Events
Birthdays & Private Events

Interested in having a birthday party, field trip, or other private event at the farm? We’ve got loads of fun options.


We kept hearing the sound of splashing water so we went down to river to investigate and found gar are running the San Gabriel! ... See MoreSee Less


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Can we go down to the river? Are we allowed to fish? Thanks!

So cool!!! Erin Heinz, Jessica Domel

James Bones Henderson check this out

Lesli Vernon show Gavin this. It’s just down the road from us on 29.

Kyle this is we’re I want to go to pick peaches and look they said we can fish 😬

San Gabriel runs through mostly Georgetown. Locally speaking. Google San Gabriel River and it'll show you the river trail in Georgetown and a park that's really nice.

Gar fish? We eat those in Louisiana. The ones with the alligator mouth and you skin?

That is so cool!!!!!! I want to come for sure on Saturday

Melody Richard Vahora and Susan Dixon

Cool! Where is this at (we are new here)?

Gabe Bortoli D'Vincent that’s a lot of fish

Wow, thank you for sharing.

Gar is a trash fish but fun to catch.

Gary Chancellor know where this is

So beautiful


Adan Torres

Chris Velasquez

Geronimo Torres

Megan Selman Smith Magnolia Coronado Danielle Fitch-Gudgel Colette Loudin

Allison Holder

Brian Scott

Matt Baker

Michael Harris Brian Harris

Robert Cockrell

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It's Win it Wednesday! Like this post for a chance to win 10 pounds of fresh peaches from the farm! We will pick a random winner at the end of the day. ... See MoreSee Less

Its Win it Wednesday!  Like this post for a chance to win 10 pounds of fresh peaches from the farm!  We will pick a random winner at the end of the day.


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Congrats Brooke Wilcox Sederholm - You are are random winner! We'll send you a message shortly. Excited for this weekend! We have thousands of pounds of peaches and nectarines that will need to come off these trees over the next couple of weeks!

I was there for homeschool day and we got to pick peaches, they are delicious! Worth every penny.

My dad is coming to meet his new granddaughter next week! He's coming all the way from Florida! We're taking the kiddos out to the farm for your peaches. It'll be our first trip to your farm. Very excited!!

I remember as a kid going and picking peaches then helping my mom put them in the freezer for winter peach cobblers. Such great memories.

The things I could make with 10 pounds of peaches... if I can keep my kids out of them. LOL *Fingers crossed*

My fondest childhood memories are of picking peaches and plums from nearby orchard farms.

30 weeks pregnant and could realllllllly go for some homemade peach cobbler 🤤🤤

we have to find your place and get some of those peaches!!!! They look wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This could be the best thing ever. How does it get better than free peaches?!

Oh we would love this! I’d be making some peach jam!!!!

Where is this? Want to bring the kids to pick some

Can’t wait to see this place with my grand kids!! 😀

I am thinking Peach Cobbler! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend! 😊

Going to the country, gonna eat some peaches 😬

My daughter and I are coming to pick peaches on Saturday we already picked your strawberry s , thank you

Winner winner peach cobbler for dinner

I love peaches!!cant wait to go pick some from Sweet Eats-fruit farm 😋😋😋

Ahhh peach cobbler is screaming my name! Either way our family plans to come visit the animals this weekend! You have any babies right now?

Planning to take the granddaughters this weekend! 🍑

Hopefully I'm not too late!! I'd love some peaches!!

FRESH PEACHES!! I made a fresh peach cobbler last year, so good!!

Just left from checking on our "93 yr young" Mama, who told us how SAD she was that she wasn't going to be able to make any preserves this year because her peaches 🍑 didn't make. What a blessing to whoever wins! 🍒

Yum! Great addition to Memorial weekend activities.

Peach jam, peach pie, grilled peaches, peach cobbler, peaches with cream, peach smoothies, peach crisp, peach fruit salad, peach tea, peaches with oatmeal....🍑🍑🍑🍑❤️🍑🍑🍑🍑❤️

Wow that sounds incredible! I can imagine lots of peach "nice cream" getting made ♡

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Y'all... the peaches are here!!! Pick your own peaches and nectarines - Saturdays and Sundays 9am-6pm #sweeteatsfruitfarm #welovepeaches #freshfruit #localfarm ... See MoreSee Less

Yall... the peaches are here!!! Pick your own peaches and nectarines - Saturdays and Sundays 9am-6pm  #sweeteatsfruitfarm #welovepeaches #freshfruit #localfarm


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How far are y’all from Waco? I literally just asked my husband last night to take us to pick fruit somewhere. My 5 kids would love this!

Where at

What kind of peaches this weekend?

How much is it to get in? Does the price for the peaches go by pound?

Do you have Methley plums?

Anne Schaak would you mind if the kids came or you guys could join us if youd like... im excited to pick fresh fruit! And grilled peaches with yogurt! Yum !

How much to pick?

are they freestone ?

Can we only do peaches on the weekends?

How long does a picking season last ? We are out of town this weekend but I would love to come and get some fresh fruit.

I just did this from a neighbors trees. I also made over the top best ever Peach Chutney for the first time.

Are you guys going to have donut (Saturn) peaches this year? Might have to plan a trip if so... those things are amazing and hard to come by in Arkansas.

Rosalinda M Acevez come visit me this weekend so we can go, Pita, too I guess,lol Guadalupe Acevez Cavazos

Taryn Miller Ellen Cowan we should go do this. Sounds like fun. Callie loooooves peaches!

What time do you open this Sunday?

Jennifer Rodriguez.... I would love to do this with the kids, then I can show them how to make Peach ice cream and jam❤️

At what time do you guys open on Monday the 28th?

Linda Herrera Reynaga we need to take mila back, she’s always asking about the farm

Jacquie Shannon Campbell this is the farm I was talking about. I want to take the kids soon

Joshua Caleb, let's go monday!

Kelsey Buckner we should take the kids to pick peaches

Angela Glass Williams want to go this weekend? We loooove peaches and nectarines.

Jerry Morris, this would be fun!

James Wheland we should take the kids

Patricia Garcia something fun to do with the kids

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