Jobs At Sweet Eats

– NO LONGER HIRING | we’re Fully Staffed for the 2021 season –

See Y’all Soon.

How much do I get paid?

Can you guarantee me 40 hours per week?

We are a seasonal and weather dependent destination, so unfortunately we are unable to guarantee hours.

What other benefits do you have?

For staff that are employed more than 30 days, we give 4 annual passes for them to give to their family or friends. Employees that have been here longer than a year are given 8 annual passes. 

Perks of the Job

Interact With Nature

With an abundance of time outside, you’ll have the opportunity while working with Sweet Eats to reconnect with nature and all it entails. 

Interact with Farm Animals

As daily life on the farm continues, there’s a continuing trend… FARM ANIMALS, they’re everywhere!

Be A Kid Again

This isn’t just a family-friendly environment, it’s a dream world for all ages. 

Flexible Schedule

We aren’t one of those giant faceless corporations, we understand that every employee has their own needs and life happens. We strive to be understanding and flexible within reason. 

Free Admission

Is there anything better than FREE? Go ahead… I’ll wait. Along with your own personal free admission, we’re currently working on a plan to implement FREE annual passes for you and your immediate family. 

Get Paid To Play

You’ll be outside, hanging out with animals & kids all day all while collecting a paycheck. What’re you waiting for? This isn’t a dream. Or is it? Pinch yourself. You tell me! 


Want To Join Our Team?

Click the link or fill out the our application below, please make sure to fill out every option in full detail & complete sentences (When applicable).