Ready to schedule your party at the farm?

How does this work exactly?

Step 1. Please reserve a time and schedule your birthday party by filling out this form. You will be required to pay a $50 reservation deposit for setup and to block that date/time for you and your party. Once completed you’ll need to purchase your tickets. (*Please note: if you do not make a reservation we will not be able to accommodate your birthday party)


Step 2. Purchase your 20% off discounted Tickets (Limit of 45/party) for your reserved birthday party from our ticket provider. 

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same ticket purchase page as our normal general admission tickets. This a is discounted Birthday Parties Specific ticketing page.)


I Do not want to pay for everyone at the birthday party, only a partial payment of me and my immediate family, how do I do that?

No problem. purchase the amount of tickets desired and then simply share this link

with all the attendees in your birthday party and tell them what date you made a reservation for. They can purchase their tickets separately than yours without issue provided they select the same date as your reservation.

I don’t see the time I want available, can I request a specific time or date not listed?

No, At this time we only allow birthday parties to be reserved through our new automated system. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do I have to pay for the birthday child?

No, the birthday child gets in for free the day of your reservation. You should have/will receive a coupon code in the confirmation message when you completed your reservation. (please check back with your email as the confirmation was emailed to you as well.)

I have more than 45 people attending and would like to pay for them all, what do I need to do?

Please contact us directly for large group pricing, scheduling, etc. (Contact Us)

What if it rains on the scheduled time I chose, and the farm had to close?

We recognize that it rains, occasionally, in Texas. Stuff happens. If we have to close the farm due to rain you may cancel your reservation or reschedule without issue or payment. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

What if my child becomes ill or is sick on the date I have scheduled?

We understand and recognize that birthday kids whether or not it is their birthday get sick. Stuff happens. If the birthday kid becomes sick, you may cancel your reservation or reschedule as well. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

What To Expect

Interested in having a birthday party at the farm? We can custom tailor your experience to fit your needs and budget.


Interested in throwing the best Birthday Party ever?  Have it at the Farm! 

Normal size (15 – 45 people) – We’ll reserve as many picnic tables as you need. $50 reservation fee and a per person admission discount. 

Large group – If you have more than 45 people attending and would like to pay for them all, please contact us for large group pricing.


  • Spring/Summer Normal Size Party: $15-$20/person (adults and children), the $50 reservation fee, plus tax.
  • Fall/Winter Normal Size Party: $17-$22/person (adults and children), the $50 reservation fee, plus tax.

Each guest (adults and children) are charged admission to the farm.   The birthday kid gets in free!  Children under 2 are also free. 

Admission includes ALL of the activities!  Pony rides, the petting zoo, the giant slide, the hay maze, hay rides, and lots more.  Check out our activities section for a list of everything.

The Details: 

We will reserve enough picnic tables for your group.  Once you contact the farm to reserve your date and time we will send you a google document to keep track of your guest list. 

Two hour limit on tables. You must release tables after 2 hours, but may stay at the farm as long as you want.

We recognize birthday kids get sick. You recognize that it rains, occasionally, in Texas. Stuff happens.  If we have to close the farm due to rain or if the birthday kid becomes sick, you may cancel your reservation or reschedule as well. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

All payment including the reservation fee is due on the day of your party.

Feel free to bring a birthday cake or cupcakes and serving/eating utensils, Or you can always have our professional bakery do handle that for you. We have a food truck with Pizza, chips, and drinks.  We will be happy to feed your party – ask us for details on pricing.  If you would like something else to feed your crew you are allowed to bring in outside snacks/lunch.  

You can decorate your space as long as it is cleaned up at the end of the party.

Add on:

White Glove treatment: Our friendly staff will assist in getting everything you need to and from your car and cleaning up. You will also receive a radio for the duration of your event – so if there is anything you need, we’re just a call away $50

Day of the party

What to expect:

When you arrive at the farm, walk into the big brown barn, come to the admission’s side on the right. Let us know your name and that you’re hosting a party and we will begin checking your group in starting with you. We will check you and whoever you came with off of our spreadsheet and give only the people present wristbands. Please put on wristbands before we get to your tables. After you check in I will drive you back to your vehicle to unload any birthday supplies you brought with you and drive you to your tables. I can only drive the group you came with and anyone else who needs assistance walking far distances. We will check everyone else in as they arrive, give them wristbands and let them know where y’all are seated. Please note that Gator rides for your group are limited to 30 minutes before your reservation time and 30 minutes after your reservation time. We will reserve your tables for two hours but your group is welcome to stay longer and play. We need you checked out by the end of your reservation time, staff can help Gator birthday supplies back to the car and we can Gator you back to the farm to hang out more in that 30 minute window. We will need to get your birthday supplies back in the vehicle by 4:30PM at the latest and the Gator service will end at this time.

Card Only

We’re cashless on the farm and only accept card payments for everything including food, extra apples for the apple cannons, toys and item in the general store etc.

Pig Race Times:

Pig Races are held at the following times:  11AM, 2PM & 5PM 

Confetti or Pinatas:

We want every birthday to be a birthday to remember at Sweet Eats and you’re absolutely allowed to bring in your own pinata, confetti eggs or even a mariachi band! We just need to make sure we’re respectful to our farm animals and of our surroundings so please make sure you clean up after yourselves. If you’d like to bring a pinata, bringing a mat to help catch all the candy has worked out great in the past. 

Weather Forecast and Rain Policy:
  • If it were to RAIN:
    • If it’s just raining with no thunder and lightning we will remain open. In that case I would wear boots and rain jackets. If it’s a cold day, please bundle and dress in layers. It tends to get very windy & muddy out here so we recommend bringing a towel for the ride home and plastic bags for muddy shoes.
  • MUD:
    • Please note we are a farm that has mainly dirt walkways and play areas. When it rains, the mud can be almost miserable. Even if it is not raining the day of your party but it has rained the day prior, please prepare for the mud. Rainboots are a highly recommend suggestion to navigate the farm on a muddy day.
    • We will close until it passes, as we want to protect our customers, employees and animals during.
    • If the radar shows thunderstorms nonstop all day then we will close for the day. We update our website as soon as we make that call.
  • Reschedules & Cancelations:
    • If you would like to cancel or reschedule please email to let us know. We can discuss options and other available dates and times.
    • Please keep in mind that if you have purchased a cake for your birthday party, the bakery will need a 24 hour notice for a cancelation or reschedule. If notice is not given, you will be charged for the total amount due regardless if the party is held on the original date or not.