Annual Memberships

FAQ & Policies

Can I mix and match ticket levels?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. We built these 3 tier membership options with exactly that in mind. We assumed that most parents will select the Gold annual membership for themselves as they’re the one who will be making all purchases on the farm while taking advantage of the 20% OFF everything at the farm perk. While purchasing Silver annual memberships for their kids.

That leads us to the next question…

Can I buy a gold pass (as the parent) but transfer the birthday to my child?

Yes, go for it. We wont discriminate who the FREE birthday for any gold pass member is for. The only rule is that for each gold member only ONE birthday party is available.

Can I combine as many GOLD passes as possible to have more FREE guests during a Birthday Party?

Yes. We dont have a limitation to how many gold passes you want to purchase to get your 20 free guests into the farm during your scheduled birthday.

However, if you do it that way then youre forefitting your other birthday dates & cakes.

Can I combine GOLD Perks from more than one GOLD pass?

Yes. We allow you to combine perks from multiple gold passes under one condition. You have a (*specifically scheduled Birthday Party) and have comunicated with our Member Care staff member that this is what you intend to do.



Is there such thing as GOLD Pass Perks Rollover?

NO. If you decide to combine your GOLD perks (example: 3 Gold passes to allow 60 FREE guests on a Birthday Party) than you forefit your other 2 FREE birthday parties. Meaning you no longer have any free guests, birthday cakes.

Also, if you dont use your perks in the first 12 months they’re gone. You cannot roll over year to year combining GOLD perks.

Can I buy a GOLD pass and have a birthday party that same day?

No. We require a minimum of 14 days to plan your Birthday Party as a lot of labor goes into making sure you and your guests have a great time.

In adition you must tell us on the date of your GOLD pass purchase that you plan to have the party within the next 14 days or we cannot gaurentee any accomidations.

I have a GOLD pass, can you guarantee that I can have my birthday on a specific date?

No. All Birthday Parties are on a first come first serve basis. If you have a specific date in mind we suggest you schedule that Birthday Party at least 3-4 months in advance as we have a limited number of spots available per date.

Can I upgrade mid season?

Yes. (Example: You have a Silver annual pass and you want to upgrade to a Gold annual pass 3 months after purchase).


No problem. However, Your contract restarts at the time of upgrade. So… if you want to upgrade 3 months into your silver pass, we will just end your silver pass and start you on a new 12 month contract for Gold. 

Can I downgrade mid season?

No, we do not allow any downgrading or annual memberships during the first 12 months of your contract.

Is there a minimum time requirement/contract?

Yes, all of our Annual Memberships require a 12 month contract. After that contract is up you’re still on a month to month charge base (*price will not increse). After the first 12 months you are able to reach out to our member care staff member and cancel at any time or keep the annual pass for as long as you’d like. 

Is there an age limit for birthday parties?

No, we are all children at heart at the farm. If you’re wanting to throw a party for yourself or anyone else of any age we encourage you to do it at the farm.

As a GOLD member, how do I get my 20% OFF discount?

This is a bit complicated currently as we’re still working out the details due to the software being new.

For anything on the farm you just show them your wristband, mention what level member you are and we will give you 20% OFF.

For online transactions this will be a bit more indepth and you will work with our member care staff to help per event you want to attend until we figure our a process to streamline this.

20% OFF everything? Does that include 20% off General Admission for my friends & family?

Yes. provided you (the gold member) are the one making the purchase, you get 20% OFF of EVERYTHING at the farm.

Example: you want to bring out 8 of your friends or family that are not annual members. You would simply just log in to ticketspice (our 3rd party ticketing software) and purchase all 8 tickets. How your friends pay you back is on you. 

*ONLY THE ACTIVE GOLD MEMBERS transaction is discounted 20%. If theyre with you and you want them to get 20% off but you are not the one paying, then they will not get 20% off. 

Can I cancel the 12 month contract early?

Yes. However, there is only one way to cancel the 12 month contract early. Pay the remaning balence in full.