Are Y'all Organic?

We grow nutrient dense fruit; done responsibly; in an ecologically and ethical manner using practices that protect the environment and safeguard human health, but we are not certified organic.

There are a few things you may not have known about.. For example, did you know there is a whole host of synthetic compounds that can be used in certified organic farming? Did you know you can use non organic whey protein concentrate in a processed food and still sell it as organic?

For a more in depth answer to this question check out this video!

Do Y'all have any Fruit available currently?

Seasonal Fruit:
March – May: Strawberries 

(Fruit availability depends on how much foot traffic we’ve had which varies from day to day & Seasonal weather, such as late freeze etc.)

May – July: Peaches

(Fruit availability depends on how much foot traffic we’ve had which varies from day to day & Seasonal weather, such as late freeze etc.)

Festivals & Events:
March – April: Easter: Egg hunts, Easter bunny & more.

June – July: Sunflower Festival: Giant 12-14ft tall sunflowers, Pick your own sunflowers, live music, food trucks & more.

September – November: Fall Festival: Giant pumpkin patch, massive themed corn maze, giant pumpkin house, live music, food trucks & more.

November (Black Friday) – December: Christmas festival: Live Reindeer, Santa, Giant ginger bread house.


Keep up to date with all of the fun farm filled adventures we have to offer with constant live updates to our facebook page and massive free ticket GIVEAWAYS! We do our best to keep all hours of opperation up to date on Google Maps, Apple Maps and social media however facebook is the most up to date delivery system for hours of operation changes. (LIKE US ON FACEBOOK)

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets. Registered Service dogs are welcome. (Sweet Eats Fruit Farm does not allow ESA).

What kind of payment do you accept?

We are 100% Cashless and accept all major credit cards!

What Should I Bring?

We recommend you bring sunscreen, hats, closed toed shoes. We will have food and drink available for purchase.

What should we expect when visiting?

Expect lots of fun! With over 80 acres of land there is an endless amount of open space, fruit picking & activities available. 

Beyond that, expect lots of shade – unless there are no leaves on the trees.

Most families stay 2-5 hours depending on nap schedules.

Can we come just to pick fruit and not do all the other stuff?

Absolutely! Just tell the staff at check-in that you only want to pick fruit. They’ll give you a different color wrist band.

How much does it cost?

For the activities section of the farm, admission varies depending on the time of the year and the services offered. It ranges from $10 to $17/per person and kids under two are free! You can do all the activities as many times as you want.

Additional Questions

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