Farmfluencer Program

FarmFluencer Program


Welcome to our brand new Sweet Eats Farmfluencer Program: A new and unique opportunity for y’all to step into the spotlight and become the face of our adventurous farm world. We want our very own team members involved in the way we share the magic of Sweet Eats. This of course is an optional program and is not a job requirement.


What’s in it for you?

  • Up to $150 Visa Gift Card / Cash: $5 for every 1,000 views capped at 30k views or $150 within 14 days of posting.
  • Recognition: Become a face of the farm and gain recognition for your contributions. (We will tag your handles if your submission is selected).
  • Skill Development: Hone your social media and content creation skills.Rules:   Please do not shoot or edit while clocked in. Have fun!

How to Apply: 

Do any or all of the options below as many times as you would like by sending your video to


What we are looking for:

Videos showcasing:  Your favorite aspects of daily life at the Farm as an employee, or FUNNY things that happen while at the farm. (You may already have these videos saved on your phone. We just want to share them with the world).



Suggested Video Options:


1. Upload random videos you have taken on the farm from in the past that you think have the chance to go viral or are funny & entertaining. (Unedited)

2. Create a new random (30sec-1min) video. (Unedited)

3. Create a  (30sec-2min) video shot & edited similarly to a current influencer you know & follow.


Don’t know how to edit?

You can edit videos directly on instagram or TikTok.




If you have any questions or need assistance with video ideas feel free to reach out to We’ll be reviewing all submissions, and selected individuals will be Posted, Featured & Tagged on our main pages.


– We can’t wait to see the farm through your eyes and share the adventure together!