The Farm Is Cashless
Sweet Eats is a cashless establishment in order to help speed up transaction time, reduce lines and allow you to do more of what you came here for, have fun!
If you prefer to use cash due to budgeting methods or for privacy concerns, please see the admission manager upon check-in and they can exchange your cash for a gift card to use on the farm.
No Refunds

* All Non scanned/Unused tickets are transferable to any another day within the same year. (Date attended MUST be of equal or lesser value or you will be required to pay the difference upon arrival)

* Tickets purchased anytime in 2022 must be used before Jan 1st 2023 (Excluding Annual Passes)



Animals are not allowed in the farm, with the exception of registered service animals. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm does not allow ESA. Sweet Eats does not provide kennel services. For the health and safety of your pet, do not leave it in your car for any length of time while visiting the Farm. Sweet Eats will call Animal Services to rescue your pet at your expense, which may also result in prosecution.


By entering the farm, guests grant Sweet Eats the right to film, video, record or photograph them on farm property for any reason without payment or consideration. Sweet Eats reserves the right to refuse to allow photography of any kind as necessary on individual basis.

Any personal video or photograph while on farm property used on any guest social media/website/blog may be used for commercial use for any reason without payment or consideration.

We do allow professional photography to take place at the farm on any given day. Anyone who enters must pay general admission (under 2 are free) all photography guests must follow the same rules and regulations of all other guest. But that’s about it. Come, enjoy. Get some good photos, stay & play!

Attention Photographers:
We are in the process of creating a streamlined process for us to communicate with all of you the conditions of the farm during our events. Please only request to join the group if you are a professional photographer looking to get updates about policies, dates & times, available, field and flower conditions, etc.


Prohibited Items

In addition to all items previously mentioned, the following items are not permitted at Sweet Eats, at any time:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Knives
  • Magic markers, spray paint and aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Fireworks and explosives
  • Chemical weapons, including mace and pepper spray
  • Barbeques or grills
  • Unmanned ariel vehicles (drones) –  (Unless previously cleared with management & proper written documentation)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs)

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, Sweet Eats prohibits the operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on, from, or above Sweet Eats premises absent specific written consent. This includes all UAVs, also commonly known as “drones,” regardless of their size, weight or purpose.

Farm Policy Compliance

In addition to the Sweet Eats Guest Code of Conduct, guests are required to comply with all local, state and federal laws, as well as individual farm policies, rules and instructions posted or otherwise listed.

Dress Code
In keeping with our family-friendly environment and for safety reasons, Sweet Eats enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn while at the farm at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear.
Tattoos or clothing with offensive language or graphics are not permitted at any time.  Examples of clothing not permitting are those which display:
  • Profanity
  • Pornography
  • Graphic Violence
  • Support of drugs or drug use
  • Gang symbols
  • Promoting discrimination against any group

An image of an assault rifle or hand gun does not, by itself, rise to the level of graphic violence.

Admission to the farm may be denied if clothing or tattoos are deemed to be inappropriate by management and the Guest refuses all reasonable options.  Shirts cannot be turned inside out as a solution.

Outside Alcoholic Beverages

No outside alcoholic beverages can be brought into Sweet Eats. Alcoholic beverages purchased at the farm may not leave the premises in which they are purchased. Excessive consumption of alcohol is cause for ejection from the farm without refund. No one under age 21 is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages, and proper ID is required to purchase and/or consume alcohol. Additionally, consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in or anywhere around the parking lot.

Food, Drinks, and Coolers

Outside food, beverages (NO ALOCHOL) & coolers ARE allowed at the farm. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm prohibits the use of grills and open flames in and around the property, including parking lots.


Guest Safety

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm reserves the right to inspect all packages, purses, backpacks and fanny packs prior to entering the farm. Sharp objects, weapons and illegal contraband are not permitted into the property. Please leave any unnecessary articles in your vehicle to expedite your entry. We recommend that you secure such items in the trunk of your vehicle. 


Guests using profanity or abusive language, symbols or gestures may be ejected from the farm without refund.


Line-jumping is strictly prohibited. Guests are not permitted to save places in line or exit the line and return for reason. 


Sweet Eats allows smoking only in areas identified as designated smoking areas. All other areas in the farm are smoke-free, and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Additional Questions

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